10 Minutes With, The Career Matching Service For Graduates, Bags $4M Funding As It Heads To U.S.

Better than History/Language Majors becoming a barista at Starbucks


10 Minutes With, a London-headquartered startup that offers a career matchmaking platform for graduates to help them learn about different career paths and be contacted by and network with companies and executives, has raised $4 million to accelerate growth worldwide — including a forthcoming U.S. push within the next few months.

Investors aren’t being disclosed, except for being described as experienced private equity and VCs, so make of that what you will. I understand, however, that this latest round adds to ~$400,000 previously raised by 10 Minutes With since being founded last year.

Competing perhaps most directly with professional network LinkedIn and the likes of job-finding site Monster, graduates and soon-to-be graduates sign up to 10 Minutes With and create a profile, similar to a CV, which businesses can look at. Students can then search through the list of companies and watch video interviews from different people based in…

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Smart Remote App Peel Raises $50M From Alibaba To Expand Smart Home Offerings

AliBaba seems to be taking over


Smart remote software maker Peel has closed an additional $50 million in funding, supplied by Alibaba, the e-commerce giant which recently made its public market debut in the U.S. The company’s new funding is a strategic investment separate from its existing $45 million raised across four rounds, with the most recent announced in June, and brings its total rase since its founding in 2009 to $95 million. The new money will help Peel continue to expand its product lineup, which initially focused on hardware, but has since moved on to both its software app, and a development platform for broadcasters.

Peel’s app is available on both Android and iOS, and now counts 90 million users as its install base, with 5 billion smart remote commands issued via its software every month by way of engagement stats. The app originally essentially mimicked a hardware universal smart remote, and focused on providing…

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The Random Thoughts of a Somewhat Confused Mind

I often say that there is always a kernel of truth in every saying, myth or old wives’ tale, and it proves true:
We had a bit of a wiring disaster in the house ( the house being somewhere around 500 years old, and the wiring pretty close to that in age ) and some rooms have power, while others don’t. Tomorrow, our man of all work, Roberto, will be here to remedy that, but in the meantime, we charge what has batteries, when and where we can, and run a maze of extension cords to do what we must. I feel like I’m in the midle of an old joke, becaue I’m typing this on my laptop, aided by the light of some candleswe keep for just such an emergency. So, it IS better to light one candle, than to curse the darkness.

La Duquesa and I have been rather strung out of late. The reason being that we have a new pup in the house, a female of indeterminate breeding we’ve named Katy. We were going to cally her Katrina, a name which harks back to my Mother’s nickname ( she once played a character of that name in a school play, and it stuck ). Katy’s been with us for about 10 days now, and although her training has progressed rather rapidly, she started off with the idea that the world was her bathroom, and being of an independent spirit, and a bit rebellious to boot, she was under the impression that we, the other two dogs ( Jake and Schultz ), and my Bronx born cat, Baby, were here solely for her amusement and sometimes her own personal chew toys. All that is changing, but still sometimes she forgets just who it is that calls the shots, and pays for the kibble around here, and a wet mop is always close to hand. The division of labor here is that I do discipline and cooking, while La Duquesa doubles on itellectual pursuits and clean up. The burden of labor seems to be heavily upon her.
So, things are changing for the better, and rapidly also, but not quite rapidly enough to suit, if you catch my meaning, Meanwhile, we persevere, and get by with a little help from our friends.