10 Minutes With, The Career Matching Service For Graduates, Bags $4M Funding As It Heads To U.S.

Better than History/Language Majors becoming a barista at Starbucks


10 Minutes With, a London-headquartered startup that offers a career matchmaking platform for graduates to help them learn about different career paths and be contacted by and network with companies and executives, has raised $4 million to accelerate growth worldwide — including a forthcoming U.S. push within the next few months.

Investors aren’t being disclosed, except for being described as experienced private equity and VCs, so make of that what you will. I understand, however, that this latest round adds to ~$400,000 previously raised by 10 Minutes With since being founded last year.

Competing perhaps most directly with professional network LinkedIn and the likes of job-finding site Monster, graduates and soon-to-be graduates sign up to 10 Minutes With and create a profile, similar to a CV, which businesses can look at. Students can then search through the list of companies and watch video interviews from different people based in…

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