Zunum Aero, based in Kirkland, Washington announced Wednesday that it is developing a hybrid electric airplane with batteries stored in its wings. The company hopes to have its new planes in the skies by the early 2020s. The goal is to drive down the cost of short-haul flights with distances of up to 1,000 miles.

A small aerospace startup is trying to bring electricity-powered airplanes to the world’s skies, a technology it says will save time, money, the environment, and perhaps our hearing. Zunum Aero, based in Kirkland, Washington announced Wednesday that it is developing a hybrid electric airplane with batteries stored in its wings. The company hopes to have…

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“to stop the spread of a highly infectious fatal disease,” is not exactly a slaughter, now is it?

Reindeer have not had an easy time recently. There are only about 600,000 left of them, down from 1.5 million in 2000 thanks to dwindling habitat due to climate change, and last August, 318 of those were struck by lightning in a single storm and killed. And now, the government of Norway has decided to…

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how things change

Until recently, the US Government Accountability Office’s website described oil and gas drilling on federal lands as posing an “inherent risk” to human health and the environment. Now, that language has been replaced with wording about the economic benefits of oil and gas activity. The edits—made between midday on Feb 15 and midday Feb 16,…

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Book Review

Not AloneWhat an enjoyable, easy to read, feel good book !

Looking fir a great summer beach book? Look no further. I started this book months ago, then put it down, because there were others that came recommended more highly. Sorry I took their word.

Three days ago, started again, and could not put it down until I finished it. I thoroughly enjoyed every word

Retro Gaming Almost as Popular as Modern

If you were lucky enough to get your hands on an NES Classic Edition this last holiday season, you were probably impressed (as was I) with the quality of the emulation — so much so you wished it had a few more games, or maybe even that there was an SNES version. Well, your dream…

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Snowden approved chat, and now video

aimed at the privacy-minded, Signal competes more broadly with apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Google Duo, (and presumably Skype) all of which support video calling. These feature is now considered table stakes for those entering the messaging app space with their own alternative clients.

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Trump with ‘splosions

Universal Pictures has won a bidding war for the rights to Little America, a film produced by Transformers director Michael Bay about a near-future America that is literally owned by China. In the film, a “Trump-like president” has bankrupted the country and China has called in its debts, forcing the US into China’s servitude, according…

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