When The World Met Marie, The Saucy Queen of Romania

they said her husband was “dull and shy” only to prove opposites attract


By Ken Zurski

u27 Queen Marie of Romania

Because of her stance against the Central Powers during the war, in 1919, King Ferdinand of Romania sent his British born wife Queen Marie to Paris to attend the Treaty of Versailles in his place. “My God, I simply went wherever they called me,” she said, stating only the obvious. The glamorous Queen did more than just attend. She hobnobbed with the press, flirted with world leaders, and although she had an important job to do for her country, found time to go on lavish shopping sprees. By the time the historic Treaty was over, everyone knew a little bit more about the outlandish Queen Marie. And thanks in part to her unorthodox efforts, Romania, at least on paper, had doubled in size.

Born into royalty as Princess Marie of Edinburgh in 1875 in Kent, England, Marie was the eldest daughter of her mother also named Marie…

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