CHEROKEE SPLEEN by David Elliott

The reviewer makes this sound like it should be read, and I probably will

What Has Been Read Cannot Be Unread

When this book started off cherokee spleenin a topless bar, I sighed.  Rats.  Another slacker story.  I hate slacker stories.  I have no compassion for drunks, druggies or the slacker culture.  Boy, what a prissy thing I am.

But I persevered, and was so glad I did, because it is not really about slacker-ness, it is about finding out what we … and this life … are all about.   And it is a typical quest tale.  I love a good quest tale.

Andy Penny has almost died four times.   So what does that mean?  He is not meant to die?  He is still alive for some purpose?   He is 40 years old and lives alone in a trailer park in Florida., with a nothing job  And then one late night, sees one of those reality cop shows where the police are called to the home of an abuser, and the abused…

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