RELATIVITY by Cristin Bishara

Here’s the thing with YA fiction featuring an unhappy teenage girl: It seems EVERY teenage girl is unhappy, and if they could only….
This book however is decently written, and I wanted to read it simply because this review made it sound interesting, and that’s good enough for me

What Has Been Read Cannot Be Unread

RelativityA quantum fiction novel.  A YA quantum fiction novel.  How cool is that!

A teenage girl runs through a cornfield toward an ancient tree, and golly gee whiz, finds it has a door with a doorknob.  And natch, she enters.  Well, wouldn’t you?  I would.

The door closes behind her, leaving her in pitch darkness, but she finds by feel some sort of wheel, and by dint of hard labor, manages to turn it, and the door opens.  Whew.  THAT was scary.  But wait.  We were a little too premature with our ‘whew’, because she steps out into another version of her world.  Her town, but not quite her town.

Her mother died when she was little, her father has now remarried a very nice woman with the improbably name of Willow.   [See what happens when you name your offspring cutesy trendy-ish names?  They end up as grownups with stupid…

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