ANOMALY FLATS by Clayton Smith

I read “Apocalypticon” and found it great reading. The ending especially was sad and poignant and just made the book for me.
This isn’t a “bad” book, but it could have been so much better, because I know the writer is capable of writing a better story.
“A string of goofy jokes do not a decent novel make.”

What Has Been Read Cannot Be Unread

anomaly flatsI had great expectations for this book.  The author wrote Apocalyticon,   which I loved.  A goofy post apocalyptic book with a really poignant underlayment.   So you can imagine my delight in coming across his newest offering.

It has all the ingredients for something really cool in the quantum fiction arena:  Clone Lake, where a dip creates an Evil Twin clone of you, or Plasma Creek, glowing green and which will change anything that enters it into something…..else.  Rain that is hard as nickel, because it IS nickel.  the Fields of Insanity, where the corn whispers despairing words and makes you crazy;  two square miles of Mars, right next to the supermarket.  A Walmart with an Evil Aisle 8,  magnetic fields like you wouldn’t believe, rendering all computer components useless,   a visitors center that you certainly don’t want to visit.

As the plot blurb tells us:

Welcome to Anomaly Flats, a…

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