UNGLUED by Zig Davidson

time travel is a favorite plot, and this sounds interesting

What Has Been Read Cannot Be Unread

ungluedOK, you’re a writer, and you have this plot idea.  A musician, not a super star, just a guy who can play the piano pretty good and compose jingles and makes a living at it, has a beautiful wife of 8 years, but also has had a mistress for 4 years.

OK, what to do with this.  You come up with a plot line.  And after thinking about it, you believe you have an even better storyline.  Some more reflection gives you yet another take on where this story could go.  And some more pondering takes you down another road in the plot.

So now imagine you create a mashup of all these different plot trajectories, throw in a little quantum time effects, add what appears to be a murder or two or three, give us some clocks and watches that run backward, and you have Unglued, an intriguing…

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