MOON OVER SOHO by Ben Aaronovitch

I’m loving this Aaronovitch guy.
My problem with book series is that it seems that by the third book it’s the same old, same old. The formula works, so we’ll just add a little something, and stir, they’ll never know it’s leftovers.
This series is different, a little different with each book. Something added, something takemn away, but it grabs your interest.

What Has Been Read Cannot Be Unread

moon over sohoI seem to be reading a lot of fantasy lately.  Luck of the draw, I guess. But when you can combine modern day wizarding with deft police work, some river gods, a few ghosts, a couple of river gods, a Master wizard who doesn’t really understand modern technology, well, by jingo, you have yourself a story worth reading.  Yessir.

In Moon Over Soho, our apprentice wizard Peter Grant,  whom we first met in Rivers of London, is back, now with a bit more wizardly skills at his command.  Good thing, too, because he is really going to need them.  He has some stable control over the werelight (that’s the globe of light he can conjure up in his hand), and the spell that can move things, and a couple of other spells, too.  He is working on throwing an explosion, but it often only has the force of…

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