UFOs as Mythology

What Has Been Read Cannot Be Unread

messengers of deceptionI thought that Vallee had some interesting things to say in his UFOs: The Psychic Solution, and since the whole concept of this UFO phenomenon has always intrigued me, I decided to dip into some of his other writings.  I skimmed through his Revelations: Alien Contact and Human Deception, in which I found little of interest or value, with the exception of his statement that

Ufology is folklore in the making and that it should be studied as such.  It is a new form of mythology.

And a lovely quote from Oscar Wilde:

An aesthetic truth was such that its opposite was equally true.

This could be said of much of the writings of the UFO phenomenon.

I then went on to Messengers of Deception, not knowing just what I would find, but hoping that he was working up to some kind of interesting conclusion.

Well, what I…

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