AMERICAN GODS by Neil Gaiman

One of Gaiman’s best

What Has Been Read Cannot Be Unread

200px-American_gods   A while ago, I wrote about Michael Stackpole’s In Hero Years, I’m Dead, a story about superheros who are aging and retiring.  A funny/serious book that speaks to our notions of the fantasy and the reality.   In American Gods, Neil Gaiman tells a fantastical tale of the forgotten gods and mythological creatures of the many world cultures, how they came to America in the heads of their devotees and believers, and over time, were forgotten in favor of newer gods, like technology, internet, consumerism, etc.

Gaiman’s central premise is that these gods and creatures of mythology exist because people believed in them.  When people stop believing in them, their powers wane, and they become impotent creatures themselves, scrambling over the centuries and millenia to make a living.

This idea is explored through the story of Shadow, an excon who is finally released from prison after three years, and…

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