Not one-liner funny, situation-funny.

What Has Been Read Cannot Be Unread

dragonslayerThis is a fantasy novel. Yeah,  I guess so.  Ya don’t see many dragons these day in Real Life.  Fforde is the author of the Tuesday Next series,  which I read before I started the blog, and someday I may get around to writing up those books.   But now we are here to talk about dragons in this alternate world in England, where there are a number of independent kingdoms, known as the Ununited Kingdom.

He is a funny writer.  Not one-liner funny, situation-funny.  Our protagonist is a 16-year-old girl, a foundling, raised by the Order of the Lobster, a charitable organization, when they found her abandoned in an old Beetle Volkswagon.  At age twelve, she was indentured to the Kazam  Mystical Arts Management under the tutelage of its owner, Mr. “The Great” Zambini.  When we meet Jennifer Strange,  she is 16 and running the company, because Mr. Zambini has…

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