How Come?

I have had a lot of pets in my lifetime, a dog when I was younger, birds,and quite a few cats as they were easy to care for (no midnight walks in the rain), and I had adopted a shelter cat, Baby, just before I moved to Mexico. Baby made the 3,500 mile trip, in a crate, in fine fashion, as if she were a seasoned traveler, and used to such goings on.

My Sweet Baboo, A.K.A. La Duquesa,had always been a dog person, and thought that I was deficient in my canine acquisition status. She tricked me (wicked woman that she is) into getting a dog to help me remedy this. Our housekeeper had a likely candidate, and she brought a little, curly haired, spotted pup to our home, that we fell in love with, and named Jake. Jake became my constant companion, and was well tolerated by Baby, much to my relief. A little further down the road, another young lady who we employed, and her husband, an engineering student at one of the local universities, was given a pup, and since they really couldn’t afford to keep it, they decided to gift us a “Miniature Schnauzer” (in quotes because I don’t really think he’s “all” Schnauzer, cute as he may be), we named Schultz.

Now, here’s the reason I named this blog the way I did: the behavior of these 3 animals constantly amazes my wife and I. You might think that there is a pecking order among them, and you could not possibly be more wrong. If I put down a little milk as a treat, Jake will allow Baby first crack, then Schultz is allowed to drink, then, and only then, when they have had there fill, Jake will drink what’s left.That’s not the end of it either. Schultz, still being a young, energetic pup, will want to play with Baby, and not only does she tolerate it, she actually seems to enjoy it, and sometimes will seek him out, and they will play for about an hour, or until one tires. Give Jake a treat, and he gives it to Schultz , so he can eat first, then he’ll eat what;s left. Throw a ball to Jake, and he tosses it to Schultz, and vice versa. Put down the dog’s food, and Schultz will allow Jake first pick, and will play with Baby until Jake’s done, and then he will eat.

It sort of makes you wonder how this came about, how these supposedly “dumb” animals act so civilized,
Would that we could be as courteous to each other as they are.


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