I have The Magic In Me

As a hobby, I love to fix, modify, (and dare I say it) hack things, electronic things included. That being said, it has come to pass that I am the resident IT professional in our house.


I met my lovely bride partly because of a mutual love of reading. We are both voracious readers (she even more than I, but she speed reads). When the first reasonably priced Kindles were introduced, she was living in Mexico, and I was in the US, and she was unable to purchase one because of her location. She was coming North to visit and I bought her a Kindle to take back.


It was marvelous, an entire library available where there was a WiFi connection. One problem arose though: those Kindle Keyboard screens were extremely fragile. The screens on both her Kindle and mine cracked, and thee were no replacements available at the time, so we bought new ones. We becan a stockpile of indles with cracked screens.

Recently, replacement screens have become available, and at a reasonable price, so I bought one as atrial, to see if I could replace the screen on my own. Since Google is your friend ( albeit a spying ad-pushing friend) I found a few instructional videos on YouTube detailing just how it was done. With my trusty computer and a full set of tools, I sat down and gave it a go. 

It actually was not all that difficult. Complicated, and I could have used a set of fingers two sizes smaller than the ones I am equipped with, but after about 2 hours of concentrated effort, and a frosty cold adult beverage or two, mission accomplished. My wife now is convinced that I am a total geek, which pleases me no end.

Image(As it now stands we currently have five working Kindles in use: She has a Fire HD, a newer basic Kindle with e-ink screen, and her original Kindle Keyboard which I just repaired. I have a new Kindle Paperwhite and an HDX. AND THEY ARE ALL IN USE, with diffrent types of books and content on each.)



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