Mother’s Day Thoughts

Accentuating the positive:

A few of my friends are lamenting Mother’s Day for various reasons: one just lost a mother, one recently lost a daughter, others because they had losses some time ago. How I envy you. I lost my mother a few years back, she survived until 93, and I wish I had the happy memories that you have that make you sad for your loss. At my age, I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that, as my sister so eloquently once put it, ” You will never have the mother that you want”.


Mom was one of three children of the greatest grandparents anyone could ever have. They were brave, kind, modern, intelligent people, and I often wondered why my mom wasn’t more like them. She did things that, and I only figured out why much later on, would have been considered child abuse even back then. Most likely, she had some milder form of mental illness ( I know this because I saw things in our medicine cabinet that I only knew the reason for after I became a pharmacist ) that caused her to do these things. So, she probably did the best she could under the circumstances. Still, fact remains, I did not have the happiest of childhoods.


So, for my friends who are saddened by this holiday, I am truly sympathetic to your feelings of loss, because I have had these same feelings while my mother was still alive. BUT, you probably have many great, and joyous memories to think back on, so feel better for that. 




One thought on “Mother’s Day Thoughts

  1. Loss is relative and cumulative. Loss is the yin to the yang of acquisition. I am sorry you didn’t have the mother you wanted. But your dad made up for it.


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