APOCALYPTICON by Clayton Smith

good review

What Has Been Read Cannot Be Unread

apocalypticon-print-cover I’m calling this the best post apocalyptic book ever. (Please disregard the fact that I haven’t read all that many post apocalyptic books. Maybe fifteen?) But that does not deter me from standing my ground on this one.

It started with the attack of the flying monkeys, spreading a dust of some kind of chemical all over the world. Launched from Jamaica.  (Ok, Ok, calm down. I didn’t write this stuff; I’m just reporting the facts.)  The flying monkeys were actually a swarm of small rockets with monkey faces painted on them, hence the name. The dust stuff caused people to pretty much instantly melt from the insides out, and it wasn’t long at all before there were only a handful of people left on earth.

It is a funny book, both dry and laugh-out-loud funny. But there are undercurrents of sadness. And terror.

Patrick and Ben, native sons of…

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